About Us 

What is Delta Life?

A Community Of Women Like Dana

Delta Life Fitness (DLF) was created for women just like you - women who feel out of place in crowded, judgmental large commercial gyms, crossfit gyms, and other places where already being fit seems like a requirement to join.
We're moms, partners, sisters, friends, all who are hard working, brilliant multi-taskers who've spent years putting other people first and are ready for a non-judgmental, women-friendly environment that feels like home. 

A Fitness Solution For Delta Dana

Who is Delta Dana? 
Delta Dana is your everyday mom, teacher, nurse... She's short on time bounces from fad diet to fad diet, one cookie cutter workout to another, and needs a fitness solution that work WITH her life instead of being something she has to put her life on HOLD for.
DLF created that solution. From our fast-paced 30-min workouts, supervised kid's rooms, realistic nutrition guidance, and state of the art accountability everything we create is to better serve Delta Dana.

Progress Not Perfection

Delta Life means Life Change. The greek symbol "Delta" literally means the "change of something." So Delta Life means the change in your life. 
How many times have you lost weight just to end up right back at square one (again)? The way Delta Life breaks the cycle is by giving you, Delta Dana, the exact roadmap for success tested and perfected over 1000's of Delta Danas.
By teaching your our Slide Right philosophy, supporting you with expert guidance, and by surrounding yourself with other women on the same mission starting over stops here. 

Brand Promise
No one will spend more time, energy or money to perfect women's fitness than Delta Life”
Our Mission
To empower 200 women in over 200 locations to become the best versions of themselves
Our Core Values
  • Care - No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care
  • Have Fun  - We’re a purpose driven company that cares about the journey as much as the destination 
  • Be A Go Giver - You can have anything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want
  • 10X Everything - Dream big, take massive action, and never limit yourself 
  • Out Cool Everyone - Our client’s experience of our brand will always stand out against the competition  
Our Philosophy
At Delta Life Fitness, our instructors, nutrition adviser and staff have created an entire program that focuses on women and each of their individual and specific needs. We understand every woman is different, has different needs, are at different fitness levels and need different levels of support. We know that a weight loss program is not “COOKIE CUTTER”.

Our philosophy is each woman is unique and as such their fitness needs are unique. At Delta Life Fitness we will ensure each woman’s individual fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals are set by their persona instructor and then met through our program.

We will never lump women into a one-fits-all fitness program where you are not seen or challenged. We will always strive to be the best possible fitness program for our members. We will help them achieve any weight loss goal while challenging them both physically and mentally.
Our Story 
Delta Life Fitness started as a bootcamp in a park by 3-tour military helicopter pilot Joshua Cherry. However, as a full-time Marine he couldn't continue the bootcamp by himself and soon his wife, Christin, brother-in-law, Robby Marlow, and sister-in-law, Cassie Marlow, joined the team to keep the bootcamp alive.

With Christin and Cassie running the show, both with kids of their own, the bootcamp evolved to be more women focused including child supervision and women's specific programs. 

It didn't take long for the women's-specific design to catch on but what was most surprising was the differences they started making, not only for the women... but their families as well. 

The Delta Life Fitness crew hadn't expected the impact to be so great - these women were becoming the most empowered versions of themselves and as a result their families, friends, and all those close to them started their own journey of self improvement. 

Since that time Delta Life Fitness has grown in large part thanks to it's mission to empower women to become the best versions of themselves and, as a result, change the world around them. 
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